Nadège Compaoré

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Area Group(s)

  • International Relations
  • Development Studies


  • B.A., Trent University
  • M.A., Queen's University
  • Ph.D., Queen's University

Nadège Compaoré

Assistant Professor


Nadège Compaoré is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at the University of Toronto. Her work lies at the intersection of IR theory, African politics, global resource politics, gender and race in global politics. Her research encompasses two main streams. The first investigates central dynamics between global resource governance initiatives and claims of sovereignty by states and communities affected by resource extraction in Africa. The second investigates Canadian connections to Pan-Africanism and Black Internationalism, by centering the role of pan-Africanist pioneer Ida Gibbs Hunt and her family, including their time in Canada in the 19th century. Nadège received her PhD in Political Studies from Queen’s University.