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  • M.A., Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Dan Avnon

Sessional Lecturer


Avnon is a political theorist specializing in relations between self and community. He has published studies about Martin Buber, Plato, liberalism, a variety of political concepts (e.g.: pluralism, autocracy, and leadership), Israel’s constitution and regime, and democratic and (shared) civic education in Israel. His work in civic education – the creation of a national curriculum, teacher-training programs and the supervision of graduate research – was enabled and enhanced by the Gilo Center for Citizenship, Democracy & Civic Education that he established at Hebrew U in 2001. His studies of the role of language in establishing political community draw upon and are reflected in both his scholarly research and civic commitments. Sample of recent publications: Civic Education in Israel (editor, 2013, Hebrew); Plurality and Citizenship in Israel (co-editor, English, 2010); “Is There a ‘Jewish’ Morality? Amalek as a Touchstone” in Studies in Contemporary Judaism Annual XXIV, (2010); “Why Israeli Democracy lacks a developed Civic Tongue” and “The Biblical Ezrach as a Modern Citizen,” both in Dan Avnon (ed.) Civic Language in Israel (editor, 2006, Hebrew).