Christopher Cochrane

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MW 238

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  • Canadian Government
  • Methods


  • M.A., McGill University
  • Ph.D., University of Toronto
  • MESc, St. Thomas University

Christopher Cochrane

Associate Professor


Research interests: Canadian politics, political disagreement, party competition, ideology, computational social science. PI of the Linked Parliamentary Data Project (www.lipad.ca). Google Scholar Profile: Christopher Cochrane. Selected Publications: Canadian Politics: Critical Approaches (Nelson 2016); Left and Right: The Small World of Political Ideas (MQUP, 2015); “Scapegoating: Unemployment, Far-Right Parties, and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment” (Comparative European Politics 2014 12(1), 1-32); “The Asymmetrical Structure of Left/Right Disagreement” (Party Politics, 2013 19(1): 104-121); “The Effects of Islam, Religiosity, and Socialization on Muslim-Canadian Opinions about Same-Sex Marriage” (Comparative Migration Studies 2013 1(1): 147-178); “Regions, Regionalism, and Regional Differences in Canada“ (CJPS 2012 46(1): 829-853); Left/Right Ideology and Canadian Politics” (CJPS 2010 43(3): 583-605).

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