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  • MESc, University of California, Berkeley
  • , University of Texas
  • LL.M., Yale University
  • Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
  • J.S.D, Yale University
  • J.D, University of California, Los Angeles

Anver Emon

Assistant Professor
Board Member, The Journal of Law and Religion
Founding Editor, Middle East Law and Governance


Research interests: premodern and modern Islamic legal history and theory; premodern modes of governance and adjudication; and the role of Shari’a both inside and outside the Muslim world. The author of Islamic Natural Law Theories (2010). He has contributed articles on varying topics in Islamic law and legal reasoning. The founding editor of Middle East Law and Governance, he also sits on the editorial board of The Journal of Law and Religion.

Research Interests

  • Premodern and Modern Islamic Legal History and Theory
  • Premodern Modes of Governance and Adjudication
  • The Role of Shari'a Both Inside and Outside the Muslim World
  • Medieval Intellectual and Religious History
  • Law and Religion
  • Legal History
  • Legal Philosophy