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  • MESc, York University
  • LL.B., University of Toronto
  • LL.M., Yale University

Lorraine E. Weinrib

Professor Emeritus


Principle research interests in Canadian constitutionalism: Structure of rights protection (rights, limits and override), relationship between federalism and rights protection, substance and process of constitutional change, litigation of federalism and rights issues, the role of the Supreme Court of Canada as a constitutional court. Publications include law review articles on general issues such as constitutional emergency powers, freedom of religion, limitation and override provisions of the Charter, as well as particular issues such as abortion, commercial speech and hate propaganda. Current projects include the influence of Canada’s Charter as a model for new constitutional arrangements in Israel and South Africa and comparative constitutional law generally.

Research Interests

  • Canadian Constitutionalism
  • Structure of Rights Protection: Rights, Limits and Override
  • Relationship Between Federalism and Rights Protection
  • Substance and Process of Constitutional Change
  • Litigation of Federalism and Rights Issues
  • Role of the Supreme Court of Canada as a Constitutional Court