Academy of International Business Award

July 6, 2024

Congratulations to Dan Breznitz, who along with co-authors Steven Samford, (University of Michigan) and Michael Murphree (University of Sydney) have received the “That’s Interesting!” Award from the Academy of International Business for their paper, “Business Networks, Enclave Formation, and the Failure of Foreign Investment to Transfer Technology.”

Sponsored by Finland’s Aalto University School of Business, this award recognizes the conference paper that most effectively pushes the boundaries of existing knowledge in the field by crossing boundaries, challenging taken-for-granted assumptions, denying old “truths”, attracting the reader’s attention, and making an original argument. The winning manuscript was announced at AIB’s annual meeting (July 2-6) held this year in Seoul, Korea.

AIB is a leading global community of over 3,000 scholars and specialists in the field of international business, dedicated to promoting impactful research, improving business education and practice, and collaborating with leaders in policy and interdisciplinary research.