New College Memorial Tree and bench pay tribute to Carolina de Miguel Moyer

September 13, 2021

A little over a year ago, we tragically lost our dear friend and colleague Carolina de Miguel Moyer to cancer. Carol was a gifted researcher, a committed teacher, an exceptional mentor, a wonderful mother and partner, a steadfast friend, and one of finest people any of us could ever hope to meet. She was also an integral, much-valued, and much-loved member of the department. As a researcher, she was on her way to establishing herself as an important scholar of parties, electoral behavior, federalism, and political geography. She was an outstanding teacher who connected to her many undergraduate and graduate students, and provided exceptional mentorship to all those who had the chance to receive her guidance. Carol was also an incredible public citizen of the department, and her collegiality and willingness to assist others was an example to us all. Away from her academic pursuits, Carol was truly a multi-faceted person who lived a full and varied life. If we could sum up what made Carol so special to so many of us, it is that while she strove tirelessly towards scholarly achievement in building her career, she was always present for us in our times of need and celebration. Carol personified so much that is good in this world and touched everyone around her deeply with her presence.

It is therefore so very appropriate that a tree and bench have been placed, in her honor, in the New College courtyard. In consultation with her family, and through then-interim chair Rob Vipond’s skillful efforts in coordination with the Advancement Office, a Carpinus Caroliniana (American hornbeam) tree, along with a bench and plaque, were installed in honor of Carol, prior to the start of the 2021-22 academic year. Although the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from gathering physically to celebrate her life, we can now visit a space dedicated to her as we return to campus.

For those of us who have visited, we can attest to the picturesque setting as a place where we can remember Carol fondly – a brilliant, kind, and gentle soul who graced us with her presence. We are pleased that we can now spend time remembering her so close to the department on the St. George campus.

– Professors Kanta Murali and Wendy Wong