Political Science Business Continuity Plan in Response to COVID-19

March 16, 2020

COVID-19 and related changes to our work and daily lives will be with us for some time. The Political Science Administrative Office (Room 3018, Sidney Smith Hall) will remain closed until further notice. Our team (see below) will continue to work remotely and are contactable by email and phone. We will continue to monitor and respond to our departmental email accounts including    politics@utoronto.ca and will update this message as the situation changes. (Updated March 26th)

Emergency Contacts:

In the event of an emergency, please use the following list of contacts:

  1. Julie Guzzo Phone: 416-978-3349 Email: julie.guzzo@utoronto.ca
  1. Antoinette Handley Phone: 416-978-6385 Email: a.handley@utoronto.ca
  1. Dickson Eyoh Phone: 416-978-3342 Email: dickson.eyoh@utoronto.ca

General Inquiries:

For general non-emergency questions, please refer to the list of contacts below:

  1. Administrative, financial, or building questions:

Julie Guzzo – Phone: 416-978-3349 Email: julie.guzzo@utoronto.ca

  1. Academic HR and any other faculty questions:

Sari Sherman – Phone: 416-978-4725 Email: sari.sherman@utoronto.ca

  1. Graduate students and graduate teaching questions:

Carolynn Branton – Phone: 416-978-7170 Email: c.branton@utoronto.ca

  1. Undergraduate students and undergraduate teaching questions:

Elizabeth Jagdeo – Phone: 416-978-0900 Email: e.jagdeo@utoronto.ca

  1. Communications questions including website, social media, etc:

Jennifer O’Reilly – Phone:416-978-6734 Email: jennifer.oreilly@utoronto.ca