Star Students Receive Undergraduate Awards

January 25, 2019

Once again, the political science lounge on the third floor of U of T’s Sidney Smith building was host to the annual undergraduate student awards which were held yesterday evening, January 24th.The event was presided over by the Undergraduate Director Professor Dickson Eyoh, with the eloquent assistance of Professor Robert Vipond, who expanded on the origins of each of the twenty five prizes, awarded to a total of thirty one students this year.

For Ninar Fawal (pictured), receiving the Frank Peers Undergraduate Scholarship (est. 2017), was an immense honour for many reasons: “To receive the Frank Peers Undergraduate Scholarship is an immense honour for me both as a student and as an individual. The fact that this scholarship is specifically for political science students is very meaningful as I’m very dedicated to what I study. This program has expanded my opportunities and has given me the chance to study what I love, and explore yet further what I am passionate about within the discipline. My family moved to Canada five years ago from the UAE so that my brother and I could pursue a better education and have a better life. My parents worked tirelessly to make sure we were comfortable and confident in pursuing our goals. I’m currently in my second year, studying political science and international relations. After my schooling, I hope to pursue human rights law and diplomacy. Because of this scholarship, I will not only be able to direct all of my energy to doing well in my classes and achieving my goals, but also be better prepared financially for the future. In this sense, the Frank Peers Undergraduate Scholarship is not only an award, but an opportunity to further excel in my academic career. On a personal note, this scholarship is enormously meaningful to me because it made my parents so happy. Knowing everything they have sacrificed for my education, I’m glad that they are confident that I’m close to financing my academic future as a result of this scholarship.”