Balancing Stone Sculpture and Political Philosophy

August 4, 2015

Many of you know Professor Ronald Beiner from his work on modern political philosophy. After teaching for 31 years at the University of Toronto, he has become both a recognizable face and a noted scholar, for example, on Kantian philosophy.

What you might not know about Prof Beiner, however, is that he is an artist, too. He has a love of sculpture, with pieces on display throughout the department.  The University of Toronto News has recently published a profile that highlights how Prof. Beiner balances these two loves. Take a moment and read it here.


Next time you are in the Political Science Department lounge, take a look at the nameplates on the sculptures. Both of these sculptures are the work of Professor Beiner.

A) “Moses (failing to get to the Promised Land)” 




B) “Freud”