Resume and Cover Letter Writing

February 23, 2015

Have you begun to search for your summer job yet? If so, our resume and cover letter writing seminar for Political Science students could be exactly what gives you a leg up over the competition.

On Thursday, February 26, 2015, Candice Stoliker, a careers educator, will host an engaging session that will help you polish up your current resumes and cover letters. The event will be held in Room LM162 in the Lash Miller Chemical Labs.

The session will also address how you can make yourself stand out to a potential employer; and what kind of information should you be including on your resume and cover letter.

Throughout this workshop we will be discussing and engaging in activities that will teach you how:

–             to identify and communicate your skills

–             to evaluate what to include in your résumé and cover letter for a particular posting

–             to succinctly summarize your experiences

–             to research a potential employer

–             to organize your résumé and cover letter in a strategic way

To ensure you receive the most benefit from the workshop please bring a copy of your most recent résumé and a sample cover letter.