Undergraduate Research Colloquium

January 27, 2015

The Department of Political Science, in conjunction with the Association of Political Science Students (APSS), hosted the inaugural undergraduate research colloquium last week in the debate room at Hart House. Students from all years of the undergraduate program were invited to submit their best political science research papers to a panel of experts to receive feedback in a graduate-level setting.

This year’s panel of experts included Professors Rodney Haddow, Robert Austin, Wilson Prichard and Graham White and PhD student Gabriel Arsenault.

Each presentation demonstrated an outstanding commitment to critical thinking and empirical rigour. This year’s presenters were:

Mr. Liam Fox : “Interrogating the Contentious Concept of Growth: Are we asking the Right Questions? An analysis of the Rwandan and Ghanese Economies.”

Ms. Delila Bikic : “Regionalism Beyond Love Thy Neighbour: Why the European Union’s Model of Integration is Not a Perfect Fit in the Caucasus.

Ms. Derakhshan Qurban-Ali : “Canada in Afghanistan, 2001-2014: Lessons Learned.”

Mr. Misha Boutilier : “Selectivity and Humanitarian Intervention A Comparison of the United States Approach to Bosnia and Somalia in 1992.”

Ms. Erin Mander : “In Our Efforts to Escape: Improving Aboriginal Women’s Rights, Removing the Indian Act.

Photos of the colloquium have also been uploaded to the Department’s Facebook page.

More details, requirements, and application form are available here: http://utapss.ca/colloquium/