Celebrating our Fall 2014 PhD Graduates

November 24, 2014

The Department of Political Science salutes all of the doctoral candidates who were conferred their PhD’s at the University’s Fall Convocation on Friday, November 21, 2014.

“My colleagues and I are very proud of these young scholars,” says Professor Louis Pauly, Chair of the Department of Political Science. “They have each demonstrated great perseverance in pushing forward the research frontier in important areas of study, and our hopes for their continuing success are high.  We congratulate them, and we thank all those who have sustained them during their years in graduate school.”

Ki Hyun-Bae

(Supervisor:  Steven Bernstein)

Managing International “Relations”: ASEAN’s Dilemma of Attraction-Autonomy Deficits and Ideational Changes after the Cold War


Isabelle Coté

(Supervisor:  Jacques Bertrand)

Unsettling Migrants? The Impact of Internal Migration on Sons of the Soil Conflict in China and Indonesia


Carey Doberstein

(Supervisor:  David Wolfe)

Governing by Networks: the Policy Implications of Civil Society Participation in Decision Making


Victor Gomez

(Supervisor:  Jeffrey Kopstein)

From Protest to Party: The Transformation of Anti-Communist Opposition Movements in East-Central Europe


Jordan Guthrie

(Supervisor:  Dickson Eyoh)

Land & Leviathan: Local Politics & Land Tenure Reform Implementation in Rural Tanzania


Nicola Hepburn

(Supervisor:  David Wolfe)

Minding the Gap Between Promise and Performance: The Ontario Liberal Government’s Research and Innovation Policy, 2003-2011


Jack Lucas

(Supervisor:  Graham White)

Explaining Institutional Change: Local Special Purpose Bodies in Ontario, 1810-2010


Leah Soroko

(Supervisor:  Simone Chambers)

Uncertain Dignity: Judging Human Dignity as a Constitutional Value


Anne Staver

(Supervisor:  Randall Hansen)

From Right to Earned Privilege? The Development of Stricter Family Immigration Rules in Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom