Risky Learning: Preparing Global Leaders

November 4, 2013

8th Annual Teaching & Learning Symposium

“Learning Across & Beyond Borders”

28 October 2013

Hart House
University of Toronto 

If you would like to attend, and have not registered, please come to the Symposium registration desk – Hart House, just outside the Great Hall.


Joseph Wong

Professor Joseph Wong, Halbert Professor of Innovation, Canada Research Chair, Department of Political Science, Director of the Asian Institute at the Munk School of Global Affairs.

Our students are keenly aware that the labour market has changed and that their future prospects once leaving the University are increasingly uncertain. They have to take risks that we, as educators, never needed to consider. At the core of this risk endeavour is curiosity, and we at the University must encourage and nurture this curiosity amongst our students.

Professor Wong will share some of his experiences in facilitating experiential learning beyond University of Toronto classrooms. He will discuss the practice of innovation, as well as inter-disciplinary enquiry and problem-solving. He will recount inspiring stories of students past and present, all of whom have taken risks he could never have imagined, and all of whom are poised to have a significant impact in our world. Through fostering curiosity and risk-taking in the “flexible classroom”, students can discover that their potential for leadership is limitless.

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