Lynette Ong interviewed by NY Times

November 19, 2013

Political Science Professor Lynette Ong was recently interviewed by the New York Times for an article focusing on new cities in China:


New China Cities: Shoddy Homes, Broken Hope


“As China pushes ahead with government-led urbanization, a program expected to be endorsed at a Communist Party Central Committee meeting that began Saturday, many worry that the scores of new housing developments here may face the same plight as postwar housing projects in Western countries. Meant to solve one problem, they may be creating a new set of troubles that could plague Chinese cities for generations.

“We’re talking hundreds of millions of people who are moving into these places, but the standard of living for these relocatees has actually dropped,” said Lynette Ong, a University of Toronto political scientist who has studied the resettlement areas. “On top of that is the quality of the buildings — there was a lot of corruption, and they skimped on materials.”

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New China Cities: Shoddy Homes, Broken Hope

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Professor Lynette Ong