Professor Ran Hirschl is recipient of the 2011 Dennis Leslie Mahoney Prize in Legal Theory and will deliver the Julius Stone Address in 2012

April 20, 2012

The Julius Stone Institute of Jurisprudence in the Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney is honouring University of Toronto Professor Ran Hirschl with the 2011 Dennis Leslie Mahoney Prize in Legal Theory and have invited Professor Hirschl to deliver the prestigious Julius Stone Address in 2012.

Ran Hirschl is Professor of Political Science and Law, and holds a senior Canada Research Chair in Constitutionalism, Democracy & Development. He is receiving this honour for his book entitled Constitutional Theocracy. The Mahoney Prize is awarded to the author or authors of the entry that has best advanced the sociological approach to jurisprudence pioneered by the late Julius Stone. Throughout his life and especially in his seminal work of 1946, The Province and Function of Law, Stone sought to understand law according to the operation of particular societies.

The Julius Stone Address, inaugurated in 2000, is an annual lecture given by a leading international scholar of jurisprudence. The Address is delivered in the Banco Court of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and is attended by judges, scholars, leading members of the legal profession and the broader community. The annual address is published in the Sydney Law Review.