Former student Kristin Good wins 2010 Donald Smiley Prize

June 4, 2010

Kristin Good has won the 2010 Donald Smiley Prize for her book, Municipalities and Multiculturalism: The Politics of Immigration in Toronto and Vancouver.  In the words of the prize jury, “This book will contribute to the renewal of urban policy studies in Canada. By combining a critical questioning of multiculturalism with an in-depth examination of integration and accommodation policies in eight communities in two major Canadian metropolitan areas, Kristin Good establishes the basis for a new field of research and reflection, one in which generally accepted ideas on local democracy, skill sharing and social change are shattered.”

The book is a revised version of Kristin’s doctoral dissertation which she produced here at the Department of Political Science. The Smiley Prize is given annually by the Canadian Political Science Asssociation, with separate prizes awarded for the best English-language book and the best French-language book.