Major Program in Political Science

The Major Program in Political Science is designed for students who wish to obtain a coherent background in Political Science, but who do not wish to take a Specialist Program in this subject.  The program may be of interest to students who are specializing in related fields such as Economics, History, or Sociology. It requires that seven courses in Political Science be taken as part of a twenty course degree program.

The following course requirements must be fulfilled in order to complete the Major Program in Political Science:

  1. POL 101Y
  2. POL 200Y
  3. One of the following:  POL 201Y, POL 203Y, POL 207Y, POL 208Y, POL 215Y
  4. POL 214Y or POL 224Y
  5. POL 322H
  6. 2.5 FCEs additional POL courses.  Of these, at least 1.0 FCEs must be  300+ series courses and 0.5 must be a 400-series course.

Note:  Only 1.0 POL 100-level course will be counted towards the POL programs.

In addition to completing program requirements, students must also fulfill degree requirements to graduate.  Information on degree requirements are outlined in the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar.  Students with questions relating to degree requirements should consult with their College Registrar.