Summer Timetable

POL382H1F L0101

Topics in Canadian Politics

Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations in Canada


This course examines how federalism and intergovernmental relations shape Canadian politics and the policy process. The course addresses the historical forces and contemporary dynamics shaping Canadian federalism, drawing comparisons to other federal systems where relevant. The course evaluates how federalism affects the capacity of Canadians to secure desirable social, environmental, and economic policies.


Herman Bakvis and Grace Skogstad (eds.). 2012. Canadian Federalism: Performance, Effectiveness, and Legitimacy, 3rd Edition; Don Mills: Oxford University Press.

Format and Requirements

Reading Responses (10%), Research Paper Proposal and Annotated Bibliography (15%), Midterm Test (35%), and a Research Paper (40%).


POL214Y1 or POL214Y5 or POLB50Y3 or POL224Y1