Summer Timetable

POL208Y1Y L5101

Introduction to International Relations


The introduction to international politics deals broadly with understanding conflict and cooperation; problems of security and welfare; processes and patterns of global politics; and ethics and international affairs. The course is heavily oriented towards developing a critical understanding of world affairs and accordingly has a strong theoretical and conceptual focus. Broadly speaking, this course is divided into two main sections. In the first part of the term, students will explore the main theoretical approaches to the study of international relations (e.g., Realism, Liberalism, Feminist Theories of IR, Constructivism). And in the second part of the term, students will explore a wide range of contemporary international issues (e.g., nuclear proliferation, foreign aid, peacekeeping, conventional and irregular armed conflict, and international law).



Format and Requirements

Two lectures per week, and one tutorial seminar per week or as available. Two tests (15% each), tutorials (20%), essay (20%), and a final examination (30%).


Each lecture and tutorial has one or more associated readings. These readings provide background and context to the lectures and will be the focus of tutorial discussions. Students are expected to complete these readings before attending the respective class or tutorial.


1.0 POL credit or 4.0 full course equivalents

POLB80H3 or POLB81H3 or POL208Y5