Job Postings

Faculty Positions:

To see current faculty opportunities visit here.

Sessional Positions:

The current sessional positions are now open with a closing date of June 17, 2017.

  1. POL 300H1 (F)
  2. POL 312Y1 (Y)
  3. POL 337Y1 (Y)
  4. POL 340Y1 (Y)
  5. POL 385H1 (F)
  6. POL 410H1/POL 2391H (F)
  7. POL 410H1/POL 2391H (S)
  8. POL 445H1/POL 2345H (S)
  9. POL 466H1/POL 2207H (F)
  10. POL 494H1 (F)

The following two sessional postitions have a closing date of June 21, 2017.

11. POL 412H1/2212H (F)
12. POL 445H1/2345H (S)