The University of Toronto is the leading Canadian university in the field of political science and has an internationally renowned faculty, so choosing to study there was a no-brainer. My experience as an undergraduate student in political science was amazing. I learned to develop my arguments and express them in a coherent and well-reasoned manner — an essential skill for anyone planning to pursue a career in fields related to politics. — Abouzar Nasirzadeh, Winner of the Jules and Elaine James Scholarship and the Suzanne and Edwin Goodman Prize. Completed an MA in international relations at the London School of Economics. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science here at the University of Toronto.

Emanuel Adler is honoured with a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada


Political Science Professor, Emanuel Adler, is one of the world’s foremost scholars of International Relations (IR). He is a leader of IR’s “constructivist” approach, which successfully challenged the field’s dominant paradigms, a program-builder, and a dedicated teacher and mentor. His scholarship is theoretically ambitious, empirically rigorous and intellectually pluralistic, which explains why he is among the three most widely-cited IR scholars in Canada.

Every year, distinguished scholars and artists are elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada on the basis of their exceptional contributions to Canadian intellectual life. This year it is Professor Adler who is being recognized for his outstanding contributions as a scholar and has been elected to the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada.

The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) comprises the Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences of Canada. Its mission is to recognize scholarly, research and artistic excellence, to advise governments and organizations, and to promote a culture of knowledge and innovation in Canada.

This election is a telling recognition of Professor Adler’s remarkable accomplishments and an invitation for him to further the leadership he has already shown in advancing knowledge and scholarship in Canada.

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Professor Emanuel Adler

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